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Gear Used

Gear Equipment As of 3/2020 This is the gear that I use when playing out live. 


2017Andy Culpepper Spruce Top Blanca (1951 Marcelo Barbero) w L.R. Baggs Dual Source (Element &Mic) Main Guitar

2019 Paul Reed Smith PRS Pauls Aqua
2008 Lester DeVoe Negra Cedar Top and Madagascar Back & Sides
2018 Cordoba 45FP w LR Baggs Lyric Pickup Micystem

2018 Cordoba F7 Paco Cedar Top w Fishman Ellipse Blend Pickup System

2017 Cordoba GK Studio Spruce Top Limited Zizicote back and sides 

1978/79 Fender Strat w/Kahlor w/Roland GK 3 w/Roland GR 20, Roland VG 8
2003 Yamaha CG172SF w/Fishman Matrix P/U

Humidity & Guitar Care:

D’Addario Humidipack Two-way Humidification System 

Daddario Micro Tuner

Aisyn Fingerboard Oil

Godin Luthier Grade Polish

Pegs- Peg Dope & Candle Wax

Capo: Daddario Ned Stienberg & G7 

PA & Speakers/Live Sound:

EV Evolve 30M (200+)

QSC CP8 x2 (50-250+) 

Bose S1 Pro x2 (1-175)

Behringer MPA40BT (150+)
Behringer Eurolive B210D (x2) (150+)
Ultimate TS-80 Speaker Stands
(when systems combined 350-700 people)

Electric Guitar Amps:

Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50  

Boss Katana MkII 100

Mixers, Amp & Preamps:
EV Evolve 30M

QSC Touch Mix 8 w/ SKB Case
Mackie ProFX6v3

True Systems P Solo

Martin Sound Martech MSS 10

Universal Audio Apollo

L.R. Baggs  Pre  Amp  Equalizer
L.R. Baggs Align Eq 

L.R. Baggs Align DI 

Behringer Xenyx1002B Mixer (TtBattery Powered)
Fishman Platinum Stage

Fishman Aura Sixteen
Switchcraft 318BT 

Switchcraft 318 1/4 to XLR

Avid Artist Mix & Avid Artist Transport

Waves Rack

Behringer 502


DPA 4099G extension & accessories 
Sennheiser E 609

Shure BLX24R/SM58-HR

Audio Technica Pro7a

Shure KSM 141

Beyerdynamic 201 TG Dynamic

AKG 1000

Shure SM-57 (x2)

Shure SM 58 with switch

Carvin UX-16 Hand Held Carvin M 68 (x2) 

Apogee Mic Plus


Shure BLX24R/SM58-HR
Sennheiser ew112-p G3-A 516-558MHz
Sennheiser XSW-Digital Instrument 

Line 6 G30 (x2)
Audio Technica System 10 ATW1501

Bose SoundTouch Wireless

Yamaha MDBT01 Wirless Midi BT

Radial BT Stereo/Mono Receiver   

Mic Pre/Preamp:
QSC Touch Mix 8

True Systems P Solo
Martin Sound Martech MSS 10
L.R. Baggs Align Active DI (x2)

L.R. Baggs Align EQ (x2)

Fishman Platinum Stage

Fishman Aura Sixteen
Radial Engineering BT Pro

Boss Acoustic Preamp AD-2 DI

Martinsound Martech MSS-10
Behringer Eurorack 502  

Line 6 Pod XT Pro &FBV Pedalboard
Roland GR-20
Roland VG-8
Roland EV-5 Boss FS-5U
E-MU EMU Proteus 2000 DI’s
LR Baggs Align Reverb (x2)

LR Baggs Align Delay
BBE Sonic Stomp (x2)
Boss Acoustic Preamp AD-2 DI

Boss EQ-200
Boss RV-500

Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Boss RC-1 Looper
Boss DS-1
Boss SD-1
Boss CE-2W
Boss DM-2W
Boss TR-2
Boss KatanaMk II 100
TC Electronic Bonafide Buffer

Xotic Wah

Xotic SP Compressor

Xotic BB Preamp

Strymon TimeLine

LS 8-oh-8
Fishman Aura Nylon Sixteen 

DAddario Pedal Tuner

DAddario NS Tuner Micro

KLIQ Tinytune

TC Electric Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Mic

Digitech Jam Man Stereo

Kokko Space Reverb (x2)
DBX 266XL Compression/Gate/Exp 
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 6166
RMC Ploy Drive II

Beat Buddy
Kong Toneworks Ampworks (x2) 

In Ear Monitors:

Behringer Power Play P1 (x2)

Beriniger Rack HA4700 (4 Channels)

Shure  IEM

Westone IEM

Drums & Percussion:


Real Floor Tom


Small Bongos

3 Set Congas

Tung Drum Bell



Nylon String on:

Flamenco Guitars:

1. Culpepper Blanca Daddario EJ45C

2. Cordoba 45FP Daddario EJ44

3. DeVoe Negra DAddario EJ45C

4. Cordoba F7 Paco Savarez Cantiga Hard

5. Cordoba GKSL  Savarez Cantiga Hard


1. PRS Daddario NYXL 10|46
2. Fender Strat Dean Marcley Blue Steal .10

Nailtiques  Formula 2



DAddario NS Micro  Capo on all Guitars.  DeVoe and Culpepper G7th Classical Capo

BAM (Colors)
Calton White Heavy Duty Flight Case
Humi Case Metro II White

Hume Case Black
Godin Grand Concert SA Case 

Mono Soft Guitar Case & Tic Accessory II
Godin Soft Cases
Pedaltrain Metro 24 (2) & Road  Case

Guitar: Hercules Stands GS422B Hanging Guitar Stand - Double & Ultimate Support GS-100
Speakers: Ultimate Support TS-80 - Black

Rechargable Batteries:


Pedatrain Volto-2


Boss Pedalboard Cable Kit

Singular Sound Cablie

Mogami Cables

ADJ Mega Bar 50 RGB LED Par Lights (x2)
Multi Color Prism Lights
ADJ Flat Par Tri 7x
Led Laser  Light
Par Lights with Gel Bulbs  (x4) These can light up a back yard or small parking lot. 
Trus 10 Ft for lights


Gruv Gear Small Cart and Bag for gear, Rock N Roller R10RT, Cart Access Musician's Carry-All PFX1, Gator 4 Space Rack Bag, SKB Bose Line Array Case, Gator Chair Guitar Stand